About us 

We, at Carrole truly respect the growing concern around the globe for preserving our environment.  Our honest commitment and contribution to save and protect our planet and future generations inspired us to serve people by manufacturing handmade products.  We support communities and practice fair trade standards.  The benefits of handmade products are amazing.   Our handmade paper has an advantage of being 100% wood free which makes it the most eco-friendly form of paper available.   It is also recyclable and completely acid-free.   Handmade paper is excellent for writing as well as printing.  It has greater tensilely, tearing and double-fold strength compared to conventional paper.

Apart from all this it looks great!  Handmade paper is fashionable, up market and classy.  Our papers are decorated with flower petals, jute, wool, grass, straw etc.  There are no chemicals used in its manufacture and the paper is solar dried, so no energy wastage.  Since it is all handcrafted, the paper can be imparted in any desired textures.  The characters of natural grain, the patterns of fabric, the crinkles of leather, the possibilities are endless.

We have an extensive range of design options in our handmade stationery.  The secret to our success is we listen to our customers and are grateful for your feedback which has helped us to significantly improve the quality and designs of our products.  Our range allows personalisation to match your own theme or occasion.  Our photo albums, guest books, journals and keepsake boxes are made of high quality handmade paper and are the perfect medium to promote your designs.

Our Mission:  We are a social enterprise with the aim of producing the ultimate in luxury hand crafted stationery without cutting down a single tree.

Our Vision: To live in a world where we do not exploit our environment and fellow man.  We built our company and business relationships on trust and believe we get back what we put into our products and service.

For Customers:  All the artisans working with us are paid fair wages, we do not employ child labour and currently have 3000 plus customers in the UK, US and EU.  We believe in humble and personalised customer service along with high quality premium products.